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What is the Average Home Price in America?


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How Far Does Your Real Estate Dollar Go?

There are three basic needs of man: food, clothing, and shelter. Of all these basic needs of man, the American Dream seems to be tied to owning a good house. In fact, owning a good four-bedroom home with two bathrooms is the dream of many Americans. By having a comfortable roof over their head, many Americans can have the peace of mind to go about their daily activities, knowing that they have a good home where they can retire to at the end of the day.

All over the country, there are always fantastic homes going up for sale all the time. These properties are sited in different cities with unique culture, arts, history, and geography. And most importantly, these cities are populated with a lot of wonderful people. Having a piece of the American Dream is much closer than you think. By owning a piece of the real estate of these amazing America cities, you have definitely grabbed your share of the American dream. You can go on to explore and fulfill your life-long ambitions and dreams from the comfort of your own home.

5 Top Cities

Below are five selected cities that have fantastic real estates and the average home prices of these cities. These American cities have a lot of amazing attractions, awesome places to see, and wonderful things to do.

Newport Beach, California: This is one of the most amazing cities to live in. It has a lot of breathtaking attractions that make living and visiting the city fun and enjoyable. Some of the popular attractions of Newport Beach include its magnificent beaches, the Balboa Fun Zone, and the giant Fashion Island mall. The average price of a four bedroom, two bathroom home in this city is $1,826,348, which is quite on the high side.

Austin, Texas: This Texas city is famous for being artistic and eclectic. Therefore, if you want to live in an arty city and want to be surrounded by diverse people, Austin is the right city for you. The average price of a four bedroom, two bathroom homes in Austin is about $297,890.

Detroit, Michigan: This city is famous for the numerous performing art venues that adorn its landscape. The Fox Theater and the Masonic Temple Theater, which are well known worldwide, are located in Detroit city. The average home price in Detroit is about $68,007.

Elgin, Illinois: Do you want to live in a Victorian architecture-styled city? Well, living in Elgin can help you fulfill your wish. This Illinois city is famous for its Victorian architecture and buildings. A four bedroom, two bathroom house in Elgin cost $300,834.

Key West, Florida: Key West houses the famous Hemingway House, which attracts tourists in their droves to this city. In addition, this city is the most southernmost city in the United States. Key West has all what it takes to fulfill the American Dream of its residents. The average home price in this city is about $643,333.