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Top 10 Best Real Estate Agent Websites


Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Online Marketing Tactics For Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents try to reinvent themselves just about every day. Agents utilize different strategies and techniques in hopes of generating more leads. With more leads come more potential home buyers which will therefore create more revenue. Let’s examine what digital marketing means for the average real estate agent.

Increase Your Prospects

By partaking in online marketing tactics real estate agents tend to generate more real estate prospects. What resources are commonly used to search and ultimately find a home? About 94% of homebuyers use the internet and 87% of homebuyers decide to hire a real estate agent to aid in their real estate search. These are the two top sources used to find a home or property with yard signs, open houses, print or newspaper, and magazines trailing at a rate of 55%, 45%, 31%, and 19% respectively. In the Unites States, the keyword “properties for sale” generates nearly 9.14 million searches every month.

Increase Your Presence

Since the internet is the primary way to reach more potential clientele in a much faster time, let’s take a look at the 10 top real estate sites. Zillow is the top real estate website with 9.91% of internet users who use it to search for real estate. Other websites used to help people find homes include Trulia, Realtor.co, Yahoo Homes, Homes.com, MSN RE, AOL, RE, Rent.com, My New Place, and Apartment Guide. These real estate websites help to generate traffic with Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, and Yahoo Homes creating 30% of home buying consumer traffic.

Generate More Leads

In order to generate real estate leads you can either follow the current model or begin to follow the trending model. The current model requires cold calls, friends, hope, networking, offline marketing, and a real estate website. On the other hand, the trending model involves CRO, inbound marketing, searches, social media websites, and videos.

Marketing Channels to Utilize

Online marketing channels for real estate leads include paid search, search engine optimization, local search, social media, as well as email marketing. Paid search such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn incur upfront costs; however, it often leads to immediate prospects as a result of their high traffic. Search engine optimization helps with branding and provides opportunities for partnerships.

Geographical Location

Local search focuses on the geographic location and includes reviews which create a certain reputation. Social media is free exposure, conversation, and engagement which aids in viralibility. Email marketing is a free and easy way to update customers and engage leads.

Google Adwords, a very powerful tool, generates leads for both real estate brokerages and real estate agents. Phone calls and tracking software allows real estate agents to track clicks, impressions, and phone calls so you will be able to properly measure your traffic and leads accordingly. By acquiring new users you are generating more potential leads which is great for business.