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Today’s Process for Real Estate Transactions by Realtors


Cloud Technology for Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Thriving In The Cloud

All real estate actions and transactions use the cloud to succeed today. The cloud is a term that refers to the web that links devices like sharing files, email, large data storage, web hosting, and apps for mobile devices.

Because of today’s technology the way real estate does their business has drastically changed. Let us start with marketing. Before new technologies, the real estate industry operated through mail, magazines, and business cards to get their information out there. Today they use websites and social media. Most all companies have a website today, 90% to be exact, where as just a few years ago in 2006 on 60% had a website. Client communication has also changed. To communicate with their clients, real estate companies used to do either mail, phone calls or face to face. Now agents they use emails, texts, apps, and smartphones. There again the people using smartphones today, 85.5%, is way different then 2006, only 9%. The aspect of property search is another aspect that has changed. You used to look in newspapers, magazines, referrals, and drive-bys; now all you have to do is go online. Today 63% of people view a virtual walk through of homes before seeing it in person. Property information is also different from the yesterday of real estate. You can now search online to find what information you need about a property instead of going and searching local public records, which can take way too much time. Technology has not stopped their, showing properties are even different. You do not have to be in person to see house, you can view virtual walk through videos online. 20,000 homes are viewed daily on mobile app realtor.com. Technology doesn’t stop there. Closings are not the same anymore either. You can now electronically sign the documents instead of in person to close on a property.

Technological Impact

Technology has had great impacts on the real estate business. 80% of the top real estate performers out there are using the cloud in one way or another. There are 2.04 million real estate brothers out there today. With all the help from the cloud it speeds up all the processes so each individual can get more things done. It also saves on paper. Some real estate offices are completely paperless.

Real estate is just an example how cloud can take an industry and make it better than it used to be to sky rocket success. Agents staying connected through mobile devices with clients and all their other business contacts is only increasing success rate. Speeding up the process with cloud enhances their success rate. And having the ability to respond to clients quickly increases their trust in you. Responding to a query within an hour you are seven times more likely to qualify a lead.

Out of all the cloud services email is the most widely used. Email is not just messages today it can be a primary contact, social networking sites and other business services require and email, it shows the level of professionalism, it provides a contact hub, and it stores all transaction data for you.

Rackspace is great for real estate email hosting because with mobile devices it can store messages, contacts and data all in one area accessible area. It also provides productivity tools and access security for a small monthly fee for all real estate companies big or small. It also provides agents with useful tools they need in today’s world.