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The Facebook Profile of a Real Estate Agent


Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents

The Reveal Of A Real Estate Agents Facebook Page

Have you ever wondered what a real estate likes to do on their spare time? No need to continue speculating as most real estate agents have created a Facebook page in hopes of attracting a larger base of potential clientele. Facebook’s latest search engine using Graph Search reveals the Facebook profile of a real estate agent.

About Section

Facebook’s “About” section allows real estate agents to reveal who they really are. No one ever thought that by clicking the like button and looking at an agent’s interest we will be able to ascertain a lot more pertinent information. By using Facebook’s Graph Search in conjunction with an agent’s likes and interests a gender based social profile of real estate agents was created.

Who They Like

Let’s see what a real estate agent favors as we see what they do on their down time. What political figures to real estate agents like? Although Mitt Romney lost the presidential race, real estate agents still like him. In fact, most real estate agents prefer Mitt Romney over our current President, Barack Obama.

Are real estate agents really into sports? Absolutely! Male real estate agents truly enjoy playing golf, going for a jog, skiing, playing basketball, and going mountain biking. On the other hand, females tend to love jogging, yoga, horseback riding, softball, and bicycling. Both male and female real estate agents don’t only enjoy playing sports that also like watching them. Males favor the Lakers, Red Soxs, Dodgers, Cowboys, and Patriots while females prefer Cowboys, Patriots, Red Soxs, Saints, and Lakers in that order.

Similar to many Americans real estate spend their spare time watching television. Males enjoy watching TV shows such as The Office, Entourage, Seinfeld, Sports Center, and Dexter. Contrarily, females spend their time watching Ellen, True Blood, The Voice, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Office.

In order to stay current, real estate agents read magazines about success and real estate. Males tend to read magazines such as Realtor, Top Agent, Success, The Niche Report, and Distinctive Homes while females focus on magazines including Top Agent, Realtor, Fitness, Success, and Better Homes.

Male and female agents prefer top of the land cars like BMW, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes, Toyota, and Jeep.

Where do real estate agents like to dine? In today’s economy, real estate agents are becoming more economically savvy even when it comes to dining. Males enjoy going to Sierra Nevada and Stone Brewing Company where they can get a beer after a hard day of work. On another note, females like going to Dairy Queen and Papa Johns. When they want to spend a little more money, male agents prefer Prime One Twelve and females prefer to dine elegantly at Paris Club. Real estate agents are just like us, they try to save when they can and enjoy spending their down time doing things they love to do.

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