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How to Be Successful in Sales


Characteristics of Top Performing Salesperson

The Anatomy of Top Performing Sales Person

It could be a very tough job having to sell goods and services. This is the case when potential clients are too busy focusing on other areas of concern or maybe they are not even aware that your company provides the solution they are in need of, hence, they are not looking for anything with which to begin. This presents an opportunity that sales reps can optimize. Sales persons can transform persuasive leads to converting leads, creating positive experiences for all involved.

Qualities Of A Successful Person

Being a sales person is not an easy job as sales men would have to knock on many doors, creating opportunities that have high conversion potentials. If properly done, being a sales person could be very rewarding when the right people sell the right products. Here are some characteristics of a great sales person.

• A good sales person is motivated by results. His main focus is on the goals to be achieved as well as all that needs to be done to achieve results.
• There should be an excellent level of self-management and an ability to set priorities right without supervision.
• The ability to handle being rejected in a very professional manner.
• The art of selling takes time to master. Sales persons need to be persistent with respect to their goals.
• They have to be attentive and listen to have an in-depth understanding of the requirement of the client.
• Sales personnel have to be honest thus making sure that the clients are given the right product that meets their needs.

Why Is It Tough Finding Sales Persons

• It is difficult to access sales persons as what you see, most times is not really what you get. They are good at presentation during an interview.
• The best sales men are already employed. They are not looking at job adverts, most times, you need to go in search of them.
• It is difficult to find top performers as they are very rare. So during a recruitment, when you find low performers, companies are left with the option of reducing recruitment standards.
• As a result of time pressure, sales managers are left with no option but to settle for what is available to them now instead of being patient for the right candidate.
• Most companies do not know exactly what they are looking for. Details with respect to specifications can be unclear hence managers are not even sure when they have found what their quest is.
• Some sectors like technology requires a high level of expertise. An example is the technology sector. As a result of the constantly evolving nature of this sector, sales reps need to be very outstanding performers.

However, sales reps who try to sell products to people who do not need them end up with a bad reputation. Being a great sales person has to do with knowing the needs of your clients and providing them with products that meets their needs. Here are some reasons in addition to the negative perception that goes along with sales, making it difficult to recruit for these positions.

Competitive Market: In a recent survey, it was discovered that there are over three hundred thousand persons employed in this sector. This makes it a very competitive sector.

Lack Of Training: Selling is an art that must be developed, this brings to the fore the need for it to be taught in schools.

Technology: Sales persons needs to be more technology savvy as they are having a hard time integrating new methods of sales into sales techniques.

Advances In Sales Skills

With the advent of technology and automated systems, it is easier to make sales now as compared to before. This is as a result of mobility and cloud based tools like smart phones and tablets, making it easy for sales persons to telecommute, these are more cost effective alternatives as sales persons no longer need to seat on their desk making sales, they can now connect with potential clients and leads through social media platforms.

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter has made it possible for sales persons to reach a wider group within a short time frame. This makes unnecessary the regular 9 to 5 work hours.

Although being a sales person can be a very tough and demanding job, here are some reasons why you need to aim for the top in this field.

Competitive Edge
For top sellers, they have an advantage over the average sales persons as just 20% of all sales persons make 80% of the sales. Strive to be in the 20%

Sales Persons add more value to the company and increase their income.
This is certain as when more sales are made, there is an increased commission to the sales man even as the company makes more revenue.
In summary, becoming a top sales person might be an uphill task, but it is not an impossible one. It requires resilience and willingness to learn the tricks of the trade. By taking advantage of latest technology, anyone can maximize his potential to stand out of the pack.

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