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Social Media and the 4 Stages of the Sales Process


The Facebook Sales Funnel

Feeding The Funnel With Facebook

In contemporary times, cold calling and collection of business cards is of little or no relevance. Through the use of social media, the relationship a client has with a brand can be boosted. The emergence of social media has transformed the scope of the entire terrain. This article dwells on what a sales funnel looks like when it is fed with leads from social media.

5 Stages to Sales Funnel

1. Attention
By building awareness, you can capture the attention of the clients. This can be done by taking advantage of SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) and social media cites like Facebook to get the word around. This can be done at almost no cost.

2. Interest
By demonstrating the benefits of your products you will be educating your clients. This will help them build trust in your brand and increase interest. The success of this depends on how companies leverage on their online presence.

3. Desire
When a brand is able to demonstrate that their product satisfies the needs of clients, then there will be an increased desire for the product. By perusing user’s review on Yelp and other customer online communities, clients can view reviews and know more about the quality of products that they desire.

4. Action
When a lead converts, then it can be said that the sales funnel was efficiently utilized.

5. Advocacy
Customers can advocate for companies by spreading the word through mouth to mouth campaign. By doing this they can become great ambassadors for a brand. This demonstrates the true power of social media.
Here are some social media sites that companies can take advantage of; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

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