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Simple Sales Funnel Template


Sales Enablement Model

Technology For Successful Sales Enablement Model

This article highlights the sales enablement model as it can be seen through the tools and technology that can be used to guide a prospect through a sales cycle.

For marketing, the following are used for lead generation.
• Events
• Website
• Email

Lead Nurturing

Here are some marketing software that can be used for nurturing a lead.

• Eloqua By Oracle
• Marketia
• Righton Interactive
• Pardot
• Responsys
• Exact target

Lead Qualification

These tools are useful in qualifying a lead.

Forms: Wufoo and formstock are used.
Sales Collateral: Word and PowerPoint are useful.

Sales Support

Proposal Templates: Tinderbox is useful in achieving this.
Positioning: Forrester, Gortiner, Dun & Bradstreet and SiriusDecision.

Capturing Feed Back

This can be done through the use of surveys like SurveyMonkey and Polldaddy.

For sales lead generation here are some techniques used.
1. Referrals
2. Social Selling
3. Cold Calling
4. Email

Here are some tools used in this area of sales. For sales prospecting, the following prospecting tools are useful.
• Data.com
• ZoomInfo
• InsideView
• LinkedIn
• Inside Sales
• Jesubi

Lead Qualification

Web Conferencing: GoToMeeting and ReadyTalk
Presentation: Prezi and TinderBox


For proposal management, TinderBix comes in handy, for Quoting, BigMachines and Cameleon are ideal.

Closing The Deal

For contract management, TinderBox and for E-Signature, Docusign and EchoSign is ideal.

Collecting Payment

Here are some payment solutions that are available to sales reps.

• PayPal
• NetSuite
• Sage
• Authorise.net

Sales Cycle Stages

Here are the stages involved in the sales cycle.

1. Prospect
This includes all leads from marketing and sales. At this stage, prospects are not qualified to be contacted by a sales rep.

2. Qualify
Prospects are then sorted to know leads with highest potential. This is referred to as the filter process.

3. Confirm
This is the stage were prospects who meet the qualifying criteria like budget, authority, need and timeline are identified.

4. Negotiation
At this stage, prospects have engaged with sales rep and have requested specific deals with sales reps.

5. Transaction
This includes all close and won opportunities where the new buyer has accepted the opportunity and payments can be collected along with any other information.