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Reputation Management Guide for Real Estate Agents


Managing Online Reputation for Realtors

Three Steps To Manage Your Online Reputation

Your company’s online reputation is very important. What people think of your company could mean very good things and very bad things depending of what your reputation says about you. A good reputation is very important for growth and success of your company.

Defining Your Brand

The first step you should follow to maintain a good reputation is figure out the definition of your personal brand, define yourself or your company’s brand. You need to make sure what your online persona says about your company. Make sure it is accurate on what you want it to portray to help you strive for success and reach your goals set. When you brand yourself it defines your company for the public to help understand just what your company is and is like. To define your company’s brand you should ask yourself a few questions like What do you want your company or yourself to be known for? What is the value i can create for my clients? What are the company’s core skills? What are your company’s focus professionally? And what is your company’s vision on a personal level? Also figure out what you do better than the other company’s like you known as your competitors.

Building You Identity

The step number two you should follow to manage your online reputation is to build your identity online. This has three steps within itself. First you should setup different channels for online presence. Setting up profiles on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace and start interacting with your customers on a personal level and sharing information about your company. While setting up these profiles it is important to keep things like color, usernames, profile images, and overall appearance all the same on every different channel you choose. Create a profile that elaborates your image and reflects the personality of your company. Include keywords that are relevant in each bio you write. Include things like videos, blogs, image, music, and networking. The next step within this step is to setup a personal page that can be used as a land page. This land page should include personal information and contact information all in one area. Having a domain name that is personal makes it look more professional. And the last step with in this step is to support your brand name actively. Add links that take clients to your landing page in your professional signature. Also add all social media info on your business cards.

Reap the Rewards of Your Efforts

Step number three is very easy. Sit back and keep an eye on your online reputation. Check on search engines and networking sites for your company’s name regularly. Do not ever ignore negative responses. They can have hidden opportunities and give you ideas on what needs to be fixed or changed in your company.

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