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Real Estate Lingo 101


How to Sound Like a Real Estate Agent

How To Understand The Tricky Lingo Of Real Estate Agents

A lot of people get confused when certain real-estate adjectives tend to mean the complete opposite of what they originally thought the words would signify. This common mix-up by both the agent and customer could potentially halt the positivity within the relationship. Learning the agent’s lingo could definitely help what the words mean, and it would stop you from guessing what the agent is exactly talking about.

Common Misconceptions

A listing of some of the most common misconceptions received from a real estate agent.

1. Cozy
When a lot of agents use the word cozy the common misconception is that the potential buyer’s most likely picture a tight living room with maybe a huge fireplace stuck in the center of the room. However this is typically the wrong assumption. What customers end up viewing is a very small house with even smaller rooms that a twin bed would have trouble adjusting to the tightness.

2. Breathtaking View
The same is to be said about the over-using term “breathtaking view”. Most people might think of a lake in the backyard covered with lily pads with flower pedals delightfully sprinkled on top of the water surface. What they often get is an empty lot with uncut grass just as high as some of the neighboring trees.

3. Kitchen
Another misconception is the term efficiency kitchen. Potential buyers hear those words and think of sizable counter space with brand new kitchen appliances and amenities. However the harsh reality of seeing a kitchen with hardly any counter space with none of the most basic tools used for cooking probably never crossed the customer’s mind. But that’s often what they get whenever they go in to actually see the kitchen for themselves.

4. Exclusive
When agents use the term exclusive location a lot of customers picture a nice house somewhere disguised within a group of trees with at least a hundred yards of clearing before you enter the neighbor’s yard. But that obviously isn’t always the case. Potential buyers usually find themselves in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors to see; they most likely don’t even have a neighborhood surrounding them.

5. Low Maintenance Yard
“Low maintenance yard” is also a tricky phrase that can bewilder customers into thinking of something great then disappointing their eye sight. Most customers think of astro turf with built-in sprinklers raining on the grass every half hour of the day. But, the term often signifies a badly neglected lawn with brown patches of grass camouflaging within some more brown grass. Or it could be just a yard of dirt with no type of grass life to be seen anywhere on the lawn, which contrast dramatically from what you actually thought.

6. Sparkling Pool
Sparkling pool can be another confusing term. The customers somehow picture a beautiful, large pool coordinating well with their backyard, but most of the time they find an old dirty pool that hasn’t been cleaned within the past decade.