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Why Real Estate Agent Review Sites Are Important


How Real Estate Reviews Can Help

The Importance Of Online Reviews In An Agent’s Selection Process

Are you a homeowner looking for a real estate agent to sell your home? Or are you a homebuyer looking to purchase a home? If you’re a prospective seller or a prospective buyer and are looking to hire a real estate agent who knows the real estate market make sure you read their reviews. The power of online reviews for real estate agents will provide you with inside information about agents with the click of a button.

How You Are Found

There are several ways potential home buyers and sellers can find real estate agents online. Is being online merely enough? Being online has proven to simply not be enough anymore. A survey of 2,500 online home buyers was conducted to find out how often they actually used online review sites and reports were generated thereafter.

The Role Reviews Play

Research shows that consumer reviews on products and services received are much more powerful and convincing compared to other forms of marketing especially among agents in the real estate industry. Let’s take a look at what home buyers stated regarding the use of online review sites and things that would make them contact a real estate agent they found online.


How often to home buyers utilize review sites such as Angie’s List and Yelp? About 38% of home buyers reported they never use review sites and 34% of home buyers stated they use review states not too often. So who actually does use review sites to help them find a real estate agent. Approximately 18% of home buyers said that they use review sites somewhat often while 10% of homebuyer’s access review sites very often.

Effect of Reviews

Now that you know how often home buyers actually use review sites, let’s take a look at what makes a home buyer contact a real estate agent they found online. Nearly 63% of home buyers will contact an agent that has excellent reviews posted by real customers. About 22% of home buyer’s choose to contact a real estate agent that is active in the community. A smaller percentage (5%) of home buyers will call an agent based on how well written the “About Me” section is on a real estate agents site. Impressive credential and good comments about the agent’s service from anonymous clients are other reasons a home buyer will contact an agent and is done at a rate of 8% and 4% respectively.

Home buyers reported that a few factors will cause them to leave an online review for a real estate agent. Home buyers typically leave online reviews if they received excellent service or poor service because they want to inform others of their experience with the real estate agent.

A majority of home buyers who receive recommendations by word of mouth will perform an internet search to learn more about the agent. In fact, 43% of homebuyers reported they would do an internet search while 28% stated they would very likely do an internet search following a recommendation by word of mouth.