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Pinterest Guide for Real Estate Agents


Pinterest and Real Estate Industry

Use Pinterest To Grow Your Real Estate Business

Although Facebook and Twitter are more popular and have more users than Pinterest, Pinterest is more suitable for people in real estate. As a realtor, Pinterest can be one of the most valuable tools in your social media toolbox. Pinterest stands out from other social networks in the way it makes use of visuals. In this social media platform, people connect through sharing of images and videos. Since real estate – a visual business – is sold to humans, which are visual creatures, Pinterest is the platform for ideal platform for real estate agents to grow and promote their business.

What is Pinterest

So, what is Pinterest all about? Pinterest is essentially a virtual bulletin board. This social media platform allows users to pin images and videos collected from different sources and websites to different boards under their profile. Just like other social networks, Pinterest has its lingo: pin and board. While pin is something you share on your profile, board is a group of pins that are classified together. Users can have unlimited number of pins and boards under their profile.

Share Your Pin

Once you share a pin, your followers who like the pin can re-pin it on their boarding, making the pin to be visible to their friends and family on this social media network. This can go a long way to increasing the online visibility of your business. Another fantastic thing about Pinterest is the long shelf life of pinned videos and images. A video or image can be shared over and over again for a very long time on Pinterest.

How to Grow Your Business with Pinterest

So, how can real estate agents use Pinterest to grow their business? Here are some ideas for realtors.

Set up a Board for Your Listings:
Try to showcase your homes with images on your board. If you have a several boards on your page, place the images of your homes at the top of these boards so that it can be easily located by visitors.

Set up a Board for Your Community:
Excellent realtors don’t just sell homes; they have to sell the idea of living in a neighborhood to their clients. Real estate agents have to highlight the wonderful features of the community where their homes are located to their clients. Features like the schools, the restaurants, the shops, etc, should be displayed on their board.

Set up a Board for Tips and Suggestions:
Use this board to offer valuable tips to home buyers such as tips on buying cheap vacation homes, tips on what to look for when buying a home, and tips on moving without stress.

Set up a Board for Everyday Use:
Use this board to capture the interest of your audience. You can offer your audience tips on everyday issues like recipes, cleaning, and various home project ideas.

Promote Your Boards:
Contests and giveaways are a fantastic way to promote your board and engage your followers. It is worthy to note that engagement leads to more followers, and more followers lead to more clients.