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National Home Paint Color Survey


What Color to Paint Your Home

Color Survey Of Homes Nationwide

Out of all the homeowners nationwide a survey was given about color choice for the interior and the exterior of homes, what needs painted, what needs more color added to it, where color is mostly incorporated in, and what colors chosen for their homes. To start this survey I will say that three out of four homeowners in our survey say their home is in need of some sort of paint job and they want to add color somehow somewhere in or out of their homes. Most of these homeowners said three different places where color is needed added. Twenty nine percent of the homeowners want to add color in their living room or family room. Nineteen percent of homeowners want to add color in their bedroom and ten percent wants the color to be added in their kitchen of their homes.

Where to Add Color

There are many more places to add color especially if you are looking for a place you would least expect it like gates to your yard or the entire fence. Another place you would not expect it would be on your railings going up your steps. Pops of color goes nicely in these areas. A bright yellow fencing popping out in between your landscaping of choice or a pop of blue on the handrail going up your steps in a black and white hallway can look really sharp. The places in their homes that are the most colorful are the walls (23 percent), the furniture (15 percent) and with wall decor or paintings (39 percent). These are areas where you would typically add your pops of color to the interior or exterior of your home.

According to our home owners the top places in their home that needs painted are their bedrooms (32 percent), their living room or family room (twenty nine percent), and in their bathroom (twenty eight percent). Of course, any color can be picked for any room or inside your home there are colors that are more popular than others. The most popular bedroom colors for our homeowners are balanced beige, hearts of palm, sleepy blue, rainwashed, and anew gray. These are more earth tones and subdued colors; others may prefer more bright or bold colors. It all comes down to your own style.

Out of all the needed paint jobs fifteen percent of them fall on the exterior of the home. There are four top combinations of color for the exterior of homes. They are pearl white and Dorian gray, downing slate and tricom black, accessible beige and tony taupe, and rice grain and favorite tan. These popular colors just may not be your style and choose something bolder, brighter, or darker. Everybody’s style is different and styles are going to vary depending on where you live. Pink houses at the beach are pretty and fit in but a pink house in West Virginia is not going to go well at all.

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