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NAR Home Buyers Survey Results


What Homebuyers Want in a Home

Survey Results That Can Help You Find A Home

A lot of families have significant problems looking for houses, especially new home buyers, because they’re not particularly sure what houses trends to look for. Knowing certain statistical information can be an extreme advantage when searching for your dream home and that’s why Home.com can be your home probing aid.

Understanding Trends

Understanding trends in the housing market is an extreme benefit when home inquiring. Almost sixty-five percent of the people lived in a home for more than an entire year before they’ve placed it on the market. However, less that thirteen percent of people recently purchased compared to twenty-three percent of the people who are currently searching for a home.


Almost seventy-three percent of the people that did the survey say that they would rather contact a professional real estate agent via email. The second highest way to get in contact with a real estate agent is the old fashioned way of calling. Over thirty percent of the people voted on using the phone, compared to eleven percent of the people that were willing to just visit one of the agent’s office locations.

Traditional Word to Mouth Advertising

However, how people actually found an agent is little bit different than how they contacted one. Just over thirty percent of people use specific online searches for the top real estate agents in the area, while thirty-two percent of the people find out about different agents by word of mouth. Word of mouth is probably the oldest form of advertisement but most marketers would tell you that it is still the best way to advertise and get your name out to the public.

Popular Mobile Device

Since the most popular mobile devices are Apple, it really isn’t surprising that over forty percent of people use the company’s devices when they’re visiting Home.com online. Android comes in second place with just under thirty percent, while people use the once popular blackberry device at just over one percent.

Making Search Easier

Most people would think to search for homes that are on sale on popular websites such as YouTube. However the results of the survey prove to be dramatically different. Almost thirty-five percent of the people search for homes using well-known real estate sites unexpectedly. Just under thirty-three percent of the people use diverse real estate apps to walk them through the sometimes confusing process.

Other great knowledge or insight to have is to know the value of homes within your local market. This could be beneficial information to have if you’re looking to move somewhere in your neighborhood, or stay inside the town you reside in now. Unexpectedly over fifty-three percent of the people believe that the value of homes within their local market has severely increased. While just fewer than twenty percent of the people believe that the value stayed the exact same inside their local market.