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How to Motivate a Sales Team


Sales Team Motivation

How To Motivate Sales People

One of the best ways to maintain the flow of sales is to make sure that sales persons are motivated in all areas. One way of achieving this is to recognize their success. This article dwells on how to recognize sales people success.

It was discovered that money is not the main motivation factor in this business. The following were discovered.

• 39% of workers feel they are not appreciated at their place of work.
• As compared to 5 years ago, fewer members of the sales team are motivated. The size has reduced by 50%.
• As a result of a poor relationship with the managers, 70% of sales team resign.
• For B2B companies, Salesforce competition is the biggest marketing cost.

Tips for Recognizing Sales Persons

Here are some tips with respect to recognizing sales persons.

1. You should recognize the fact that there are different types of sales persons. Here are three types of them.

• Laggards forms 25% of all sales team. They need to be guided and compelled to produce results.
• Core Performers forms about 55% of the sales team. They are somewhere in the middle, if motivated with the right incentives, they would bring more results.
• Stars are outstanding performers. Irrespective of the goals, they bring results.

2. Motivation should be specific to the different types of sales person.

• Laggards – The respond to quarterly bonus and social pressure.
• Core Performers – The respond to Multi-tier targets and sales contests.
• Stars – Commissions should be given for over achievements and the No Caps, No Pay Policy.

3. Money is not everything with respect to motivation.
As compared to poor performers, good sales performers increase sales revenue up to 4 times the average. Items that can serve as incentives are;

• Recognition – Recognition can come in form of public recognition, highlighting their good habits, recognizing team achievements, inspire their initiatives and appreciating them in person.
• Incentives – This can come in form of tangible rewards, team alignment, career growth, money and multi-tier complimentary plan.
• Coaching – This can be implemented in form of shared goals, real time feedback, and one on one personalized coaching. Others are a faster on boarding, and ride along.
• Knowledge and Tools – These can be integrated with CRM, Social life, enforcing discipline, games and a focus on metrics.

Additional Tips to Keep in Mind

The following is worthy of note:

Be Genuine:
A manager should make sure he effectively acknowledges the performance of his team.

Be Specific:
Managers should let the team members know how they effort was beneficial to the organization.

It is necessary to know the type of reward to be given for a particular task, be it open reward, a casual statement or an informal recognition. A smile can work wonders, knowing when to smile motivates staffs, leading to more engagement and better sales performance.

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