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Most Used Social Media Sites Used by Real Estate Agents


Characteristics of a Real Estate Agent

The Life Of A Real Estate Agent

Today, you left for work feeling better than ever. In fact, you were feeling like a million bucks as you wore your favorite shirt, your most fashionable tie, and your nicest pair of dress shoes only to walk into your job feeling hopeless and clichéd. The worst of all is that now more than ever you’re overextending yourself and may risk financial ruin by spending beyond a reasonable limit and over committing yourself.

Your life as a real estate agent is very grime and shaky. By taking a snapshot of today’s real estate agent you will be able to sit back and reflect on where you may have gone wrong so you could inevitably fix it.

Professional Goals

Let’s take the lime light and place it on the real estate agent of today. Most real estate agents that have worked in real estate work for a brokerage. Although a brokerage typically splits the commission 50/50 on the sale of a home or property with the real estate agent, a brokerage is an essential component because they provide you an office space to work, marketing and advertising tools, and exposure to a large database of clientele.

Thinking About a Brokerage?

What do real estate agents look for in a brokerage? As a real estate agent, you tend to place a lot of value and emphasis on marketing tools, real estate agent websites, training, and your work environment. These are crucial components to your success as a real estate agent as well as your firm’s success as a brokerage. The better your marketing tactics are and the more traffic your real estate website receives the more potential buyers and sellers you’re able to target which may lead to the generation of more income based commissions.

Targeting the Right Clients

Real estate agents spend a lot of time figuring out how to target more and more prospective clients. Since a majority of Americans spend a lot of their time on social media websites, real estate agents tend to do so as well. About 64.1% of real estate agents spend 0-5 hours a week on social media while 27.9% of agents spend 6-15 hours per week on social media websites. An astonishing 2.8% of real estate agents allocate more than 26 hours a week to social media websites.

Integrating Social Media

What social media websites are considered the most popular for agents? Real estate agents mainly utilize Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus pages at a rate of 90.3%, 56.6%, and 25.9% respectively. Social media websites are a great way for real estate agents to display new listings.

Access to social media is done from any technological device that is accessible to the web. Approximately 62.6% of real estate agents use iPhones, 34.2% use iPads, and 28.3% of agents used Android devices to connect to social media websites in hopes of increasing their clientele. In fact, 78% of real estate agents believe mobile technology is vital to their business because it allows them to work from anywhere.