Home Buying Process How to Make Your Home Sell Faster

How to Make Your Home Sell Faster


How Homes Sell Faster

Give Your Home The “It” Factor For A Faster Sell

With the real estate market today with it being hard to sell a house there are still some homes that sell just as quick as when the market was not in this low point. Wonder what is so appealing about these properties and what they have that made them sell. Here are some reasons that make them have the “it” factor and why they old so quickly.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient features in a home, makes a great selling point. Some upgrades you could make to your home to give it more appeal is solar panels. Some studies show that solar panels installed on housing roofs help the house sell twenty percent faster. They also sold for seventeen percent more then what is would have without the solar panels. Solar panels can up the appreciation of your home by 55% where non solar panel homes appreciation is only 33%. On average homes with solar panels sold in 23 months where as non solar panel homes sold in 28 months. Some other energy efficient upgrades you can do are solar water heaters; heat pumps that are geothermal, insulation that is spray foam, and windows and doors that are high in performance. Make sure your upgrades are added into your listing and in terms the everyday individual can understand.

The Size of a Home

Another thing that is making houses sell quicker is their size. Smaller houses are being sold quicker than the bigger ones. One bathroom one story homes are selling 13% faster then two story homes. Shrinking your home is not necessarily an option you can change but just remember the bigger the home the longer it may sit on the market.

Offer Incentives

Other things you can do to help move your home is add in some extras. Sweeten that pot a bit to make it more tempting. You could offer to pay the closing costs, offer a warranty on the appliances in the home, or give the buyers a couple of airline tickets to a vacation spot.

Price and Appraise

Pricing and appraising your home appropriately can also be helpful. Doing research about other properties in the neighborhood like what they are listing and selling for can also be helpful. If you way over price what your neighbors are buying or selling for then people will pass it up and go elsewhere. Also provide information like low crime and great schools, or parks within walking distance can help your appraiser do a better job. Not all appraisers will take the time to look that information up and may give you a half done appraisal.

Incorporate a Solid Description

Spend some time on the description of your property. Focus on things like curb appeal and other general attractiveness of your property. Using words like “move in ready” can help by 12%, also the words beautiful and gorgeous can up it by 15%. New landscaping can also help by 20 percent, but avoid terms like must sell this will make people wonder what is wrong with the property that they want rid of it so quickly. Staging your home for open houses is also another tip that will help sell your property. It give potential buyers a look at what the potential your house has and what it make look like once decorate. An empty room and a furnished room can look completely different. Proper staging can show buyers how functional your house set up can be for their family. Also up that curb appeal, have fresh paint, landscaping, green freshly mowed and trimmed yard, yard free of toys and weeds, and walkways or railings well maintained.