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List of Top Referring Traffic Sources to Property Websites


Single Property Listing Traffic

Single Property Website Traffic Report

The internet has transformed the world into a global village. Getting access to information nowadays is just a click away. People can go online to search for information about any subject they are interested in. The real estate market is not left out. In fact, the findings of a recent poll reveal that 90% of real estate consumers use the internet to search for homes they want to purchase. This is a proof that home buyers depend on the internet for information when they are in the market for real estate.

Traffic Sources

The traffic to various property websites come from different sources. Search engines, links to other websites, and direct visitors are three main sources of traffic to a website. While search engines account for 22% of the traffic to a property website, direct traffic, which the domain name of the site is directly entered into the browser, is responsible for about 33% of the traffic to a site. The lion share of the traffic to a property website – about 45% of the total traffic – comes from links shared with other websites.

Best Referral Sites

Sharing of links with other websites connects your website to these sites, so these other websites refer traffic to your website. Some of these sites that you can link to your property website include Craiglist, Facebook, Realtor.com, MLS, Trulia, Google Base, Zillow, Redfin, Oodle, Hotpads, Overstock, Frontdoor, eMail, and other property sites.

Among these sites, Craiglist seems to drive the largest traffic to websites; it accounts for about 46% of the traffic that comes through link sharing with other websites. While Yahoo and Bing accounts for 16% of the traffic that comes through the search engines, Google is responsible for about 80% of that traffic.

Mobile Device Access

Mobile traffic is another form of traffic that webmasters should consider seriously. Many people prefer to access the internet via their mobile devices than through the PCs and laptops. In the last 18 months, the internet has witness a 600% in mobile traffic. Thus, webmasters should integrate mobile optimization on their websites so as to tap into this enormous amount of traffic coming through mobile devices.

Property Websites

Property websites seem to drive more traffic than online classified flyers or virtual tours. The result of a recent study shows that single property website drives about 55% more traffic than virtual tours or online classified flyers. Virtual tours and online classified flyers are unable to take advantage of word of mouth traffic, sign rider traffic, or search engine traffic. They solely depend on the traffic from other websites.

Most Popular Browsers

The popular browsers people use to browse the web include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Android Browser. 41% of internet users use Internet Explorer, 26% browse with Safari, 19% surf the web with Firefox, 10% make use of Chrome, and 4% use Android Browser. In addition, 20% of all web visitors use their mobile devices to browse the web.

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