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How to Read Facial Expressions of Clients and Prospects


Detect Lying Clients

5 Ways To Detect A Lying Client Through Their Facial Cues

Are you suspecting that your client is not being sincere with you? This article dwells on ways of identifying lying clients through their facial cues.

1. When your client says he has a full understanding of your offer, look out for the following facial cues.
• He raises one eyebrow.
• His nose is wrinkled.
• There is a crease between his eyebrows.

If the aforementioned are present, chances are this client doesn’t understand your offer. Take time to explain over again to the client your proposal, else, there might be future problems.

2. If she says, “I am signing off this today”, check for the following cues.
• Her shoulders are dropped.
• Eye balls facing downwards.
• She frowns her face.

If the above features are present, chances are that you have lost this client. Some clients lie to avoid their own discomfort, when this is observed, ask if there is anything else that you can do.

3 When your price is more expensive than they anticipated, look for these signs
• A raised eyebrow.
• An open mouth.
• Wide eyes.

This signals that your price is too expensive for the client. Irrespective of what he says, he is not going to buy from you.

4. When your client admits it is a Good deal, look for the following facial signs.
• She squints her eyes.
• Flare the nostrils.

Upon observing these signs, it indicates that the client has a feeling that you are taking undue advantage of her. You need to instill confidence in the client making them feel that they are winners.

5. When clients say they are ready to buy, check for the following signs.
For Males
• The upper teeth are exposed.
• The corners of the mouth are turned up.

For Females
• Eyes are open wide.
• Eye brow is up.
• An open smile.

These signs signal that the clients are serious buyers. These are the real clients that you should congratulate.