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How to Improve Curb Appeal



In 10 Minutes Or Less Improve Your Home

When it comes to making improvements to your home the first thing that pops in your head is big money and a lot of work. However, that is not necessarily true. Small simple little things that take literally no money or very little and just a few minutes can really up the value of your home.

How to Increase Curb Appeal

Upping your curb appeal does not necessarily mean painting the house, building porches, and re-landscaping your yard. Simple things such as clean windows, a nicely freshly cut grass that is green color and not brown. Keeping toys and other objects picked up can boost your curb appeal. Another simple thing you can do is pull the weeds that are around your yard and in your flower beds. And flower boxes with big beautiful flowers coming out of them look great to potential buyers as well.

Increasing the Look of your Home

Small little things you can do around your house to help boost the look of your house. Putting blinds on the windows in smaller rooms can make it appear bigger. Adding a dehumidifier can help protect your furnishings and walls from collecting mold and mildew. Adding things like potted plants or a bowl filled with fruit brings a little bit of the outside in and adds a nice touch. Cover your worn carpet with a rug. And add a mirror to that hallway that seems to be a bit dark. It will not only brighten up the hallway but will make it appear larger as well.

Improving the Details

More improvements you can do that take minutes along with pennies are switch out the covers of light sockets. Replacing the old dingy one to a nice new shiny cover can really make a difference. Taking out regular on/ off light switch and adding a dimmer can really add as well, dim light reduces stress. Repair and repaint the cracks and chips in the walls. This will give your room that freshly painted look without painting the entire room. Replacing new door knobs with new shiny knobs can make a huge difference also.

Rearrange Your Furniture

When arranging furniture in your rooms do not just start placing furniture, take measurements and sketch out a plan before hand. Some simple things to keep in mind are place beds diagonally opposite of the door. This allows clear view of room. Electronics should also be at least 2 feet from the bed. If it is closer you will not get a very good night’s sleep. Desks should face anywhere but directly at the wall. Staring straight at a wall can hinder creativity and concentration. And remember is a room feels small add a mirror it will open the room up.


There are also things to consider if the plan is to repaint. Bedrooms should be blues or mellow tones that are calming and cool, helps lower blood pressure. If you have a home gym try oranges, loud bright colors increase energy levels. Offices do well in purple tones, they boost creativity and wealth. Green does well in family rooms or living rooms. Green helps with rest and relaxation. Dining rooms do well in red, it is an exciting color. Neutrals are great for any room but too much of the same kind of color can be to dull. Yellows are great for hallways. Yellows are happy tones, probably never lose your temper in a yellow room.

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