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How to Generate Real Estate Leads that Convert to Sales


Tips to Converting Leads into Commission

Turning Leads Into Commission

Have you received a bunch of leads but having problems with the commission aspect of it? Getting the leads are only fifty percent of it, turning the leads into commission is what you may be having trouble with. Here are ten easy rules to follow to help you turn things around and skyrocket your success.

Pick Up the Phone
Rule number one is always always always call your lead by phone call before you email of texting them. First of all talking to someone on the phone is much more personal than just an email or text that as far as your lead knows was a mass text or mass email that everyone got. Make your lead feel special not just another client. One fun statistic is out of all the appointments made 98% are made from a phone call.

Call As Soon As Possible
Rule number two is once you receive your lead call them within the first five minutes. There was a study at MIT that shows leads called within the first 5 minutes are 5 times more likely to be qualified then if you wait ten minutes and fifty more times if wait up to an hour.

Create a Script
Rule number three is make up a script, memorize what you have wrote and stick with it as much as possible. When citing your script however make it sound natural like you are talking to a friend not like it is being read off a piece of paper from a robot.

Remain Focused on the Goal
Rule number four is keep your eye on the main prize or the bigger picture. Do not get caught up in all the little details. Try to make the call about multiple listings instead of just one. On an average people will view about twelve homes before deciding on the perfect one. However some people may look at one hundred and some may fall in love with the first one they saw.

Keep Calling
Rule number five is don’t give up and keep calling. You should contact each lead about six times at least. Let them know you are persistent and will help them find the perfect match for them.

Send Market Updates
Rule number six is make sure you send each lead the market updates. Email them all the information you have about the types of listings they are interested in Things to include in the emails are recent closings of properties, activity, and the average pricing of listings of their interest. 74% of home buyers actually prefer knowing all the information about local listings but only 16% of companies provide the information wanted.

Organize Your Leads
Rule number seven is create a system that will help you keep your leads all together. You want to keep track, take care over, and watch over your leads. Make them feel comfortable to contact you with all their questions and trust you enough to answer them truthfully.

Test Out Each Lead
Rule number eight is test out each lead you receive. Make sure your lead is not a spam lead and is a true potential client. Once the lead has passed the test put their information in certain folder or however you have your system letting you know which ones are good and dispose of the bad. Believe it or not 10% of agents have wrong numbers or contact information listed in their ads.

Enhance Listing Ads
Rule number nine is enhance your listing ads to attract potential buyers. You want as much detail on your listing that you can provide. Some good details to have are photos, measurements, and descriptions. Throwing a little money to add some upgrades is also recommended. If you get the ad featured it will up your leads by 5 times.

Do Not Prejudge the Lead
Rule number ten is do not pre-judge the lead. Leads are never bad even small short term renters if treated correctly will come back when needing a bigger lease or even a purchase. Your results will show your efforts.