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Home Ownership and the American Dream


Benefits of Purchasing Your Own Home

The Many Benefits Of Home Ownership

The benefits and advantages of owning a home can be astounding when you actually sit down and realize it. For one, you own your own property sitting on your own land that in itself causes envy from a lot of surrounding renters in your area. These are some of the drastic differences between a homeowner and a renter.

Statistics Say “Yes” to Home Ownership

Almost 90% of people that own a home express that it’s definitely a positive experience and one that should be tried by everyone included in the masses. A statistical stat states that a homeowner’s entire net worth is thirty-four times higher than someone who rents. Renters typically spend a lot of money on a certain property that they will never own is the exact reason why seventy-two percent of renters believe that over a period of several years, it’s smarter to own a home than to rent and give away money.

Seventy percent of homeowners actually believe that you can acquire the American dream of owning a home. To be honest that statement could be true because it could increase your confidence which could help you gain positive energy within your corporate life that can help you achieve some great goals you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

Traits of Home Owners

But fortunately this isn’t where the advantages to owning a home end. For sixteen successive months year-over-year prices have elevated. The community value and home ownership somehow go hand in hand with each other as well. Compared to a renter, homeowners are 1.3 times more likely to read a newspaper.

Also people that own homes are twenty-eight percent more likely to restore and polish their homes, and shockingly have a twenty-eight percent chance more likelihood to vote than renters. Since homeowners are more likely to vote than renters, most likely they specifically know who represents them in some powerful Congress seats. Well eleven percent more than likely knows who actually does represent them in Congress.

$60,000 in direct spending occurs in the economy for each home that is bought in America. A single job is created with every two homes that are sold which ironically are the essential force, and key driver of the U.S. economy. This grants real estate one of the premier industries to actually keep the economy afloat during rough recession times. Also, almost eight percent of homeowners consider that now is a great time to buy, while only close to 60 percent of renters agree on this notion.

In conclusion, the benefits and advantages significantly outweigh the favored circumstances of the renters. In fact, as listed above, most renters will agree with homeowners that home ownership is the way to go and a great way to continue to improve the economy. The statistics listed show that it is always better to own your property than to rent.

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