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Google Analytics Tips for Real Estate Agents


Guide to Google Analytics for Real Estate

The Time Has Come For Real Estate Agents To Measure Web Site Performance

Here’s why. According to Google analytic 90% of home buyers do online research when they decide it’s time to buy a new home. Here’s where the internet savvy agent has an advantage, in the last four years Google real estate related searches have increased by an eye opening 253%. Does your site measure up to the demand?

An average of 3 sites are visited by 78% of new home buyers before they take any action on a site, and they have will have performed an average of 11 searches to establish which site they want to take a look at. The numbers tell a very important story about human behavior in the electronic age.

A Good Free Choice

There has never been a time in when it has been more important to have a prominent online presence when one is selling real estate professionally. It does not cost a single red penny to utilize Google Analytic and find out how well a web site is performing. Knowing how well your company’s web site is performing is the first step.

It Serves Many Purposes

Google Analytic will tell you how many people are visiting the site. It will also show you the source of these visits, giving you a clear picture of what sites are sending traffic your way. Content can also be analyzed; with Google Analytic you will be able to see which pages are receiving the most traffic.

Here’s why all real estate agents should take the time to find out how well their web sites are performing. Google Analytic will break down how many visitors to the site are performing the specific actions that are required to generate an actionable lead. A few things to consider, 55 million web sites use Google Analytic and 55% of these web sites are in the top 10,000 sites. In addition 51% of fortune 500 web sites have used and continue to use Google Analytic as their primary tool.

Easy Setup

It is easy to get started with Google Analytic simple sign up for an account at http:// www.google.com/analytics. Next log into the account and look for the admin tab at the top of the page, open the tab and look for the new account that you just created click new property. Next you will be prompted to enter your web sites name, URL (AKA web address) and its time zone. Now that you have finished entering in this information click the get tracking ID button.


The final step will be to copy the tracking code and paste it into your web sites source code, just before the tag. If you use WordPress go to the dash board and head to the theme options section, from here you will copy and paste the tracking ID into the field labeled Google Analytic tracking code.

Same basics to help you utilize the informational graphs, each and every time someone visits your site it is registered as a visit. A graph showing the un-duplicated visits to the site will also be generated. A graph will be generated showing the total number of times each page on the site was viewed.

A very useful statistic will be the average number of pages viewed within a single visit and the average length of time a visitor spends on the site during a particular visit. Google Analytic will also tell you the number of first time visitors and the average number of visitors that come to the site without viewing any other page.

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