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The Best Sales Prospecting Process


Increasing Client Sales

The Client Cloning Blueprint

The first step involved in this process is to…

1. Define The Prospects:
This has to be done because it attracts the ideal prospects, reduces the competition and increases profits. This is achieved by analysing the demographics, psychographics and the picture of the top 5 clients.

2. Attract Prospects:
This should be done because prospects that you call are interested and motivated. They are easier to convert into sales. This is achieved by writing and speaking through testimonials and reliable information.

3. Prospects should be converted into clients:
This is recommended because it is easier to sell to current prospect than finding newer prospects. This can be achieved by providing pleasant surprise packages, thank you and follow up messages.

4. Delight Clients:
This is necessary because it leads to clients being happy hence lesser complaints. They then buy more from you and refer others to you. This can be achieved by offering a welcome package, a surprise package or a bonus. An excellent communication skill is also necessary, it must not be taken for granted.

5. Clone Clients:
This is necessary for an increased sales. This can be done through referrals, continuity and repurchases.

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