Home Tips How to Advertise a Rental Property the Right Way

How to Advertise a Rental Property the Right Way


Creating the Best Home Rental Ad

Create That Perfect Rental Ad

Before you write up the ad for that apartment or house you have fore rent follow these tips to ensure better success and a better quality of inquires.

Writing the Description

Let us start with the description of your property. When writing up the description include details that you do not normally see such as garage is spacious, views are wonderful, yard is private. Be specific about your property but do not exaggerate. Be true with what it is you do not want people to be let down when they come to see your property because they ad made it sound better then what it is. Make sure you include positive or unique features of the property. And try to give directions using the land marks around your rental. Help people figure out the exact location of the property.

Include Photos

Photos are another very important aspect of an ad. There are certain pictures that should most definitely be included in the ad like pictures of kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedrooms. If ads allow you to include more then those pictures then include pictures of the pool, green spaces, and the floor plan. Pictures tell people a lot about the property so make sure they are free and clear of clutter but the room looks lived in. Also make sure the pictures are clear and in high quality if possible. Using the natural light is also another great way to show off the property. If you are taking pictures at night turn on lamps and other lighting, avoid using the flash. The flash tends to make photos look fake. And keep light sources behind you while photographing the rooms. This will give you a better quality picture. While taking pictures of the homes try bend or kneel, standing in far corners to get the perfect angle on the rooms. If possible shoot a video or virtual tour to include in your online ad.

Place the Price

Including the cost in your ad may sound like common sense but you would be surprised at how many do not include the price per month of lease in ad. Even if the price is not the best part of your selling point, it is what it is ad needs included.

Keep it Simple

Making your ad simple to find is another important aspect of the perfect add. Use tactics like search engine optimization which can help increase the activity on your ad. Put some of the details in the present location it allows your ad to pop up during searches. When people search for some of the attributes your property has this will allow your ad to be displayed in the search results. Creating quality ads will hopefully increase the amount of people that find and read your ad. Leaving out a description of the surrounding scenery will not help lease your property, it actually may help depending. Make sure you use words to help readers understand certain things about your property or where your property may be located. Be specific but do not go overboard on your description. Use the tools on the web out there help you with certain things like keeping track of your traffic, watches website performance, make key changes. Not all tools can be helpful to you so do your research and make sure you use the ones that are right for you.

The best advice however is actually the simplest, make sure every one of your ads are different and unique so they stick out in people’s minds.