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9 Sales Training Best Practices


Sales Manager Traits

The Mysterious Mind Of A Sales Manager

Taking a peep into the mind of a sales manager could lead to some startling discoveries. Let us take a look at different aspects of their minds, ranging from the negation node to the training video ganglions and let us discover what is required to master the art. Here are some thoughts that the sales manager has to coordinate.

• The Strong Hand Shake Hub
• The Negotiation Node
• The New Client Radar
• Closing the Deal Center
• The Conference Call Center
• The Motivational Motto Matrix
• Let’s Do Lunch Lobe
• Product of the year
• Video training Ganglions
• Networking Nodes
• Power Point Presentation
• Pitch Generator
• Hatred of the novel, “Death Of A Sales Man” by Arthur Miller

In the very words of W. Clement Stone, “Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the sales man not the attitude of the prospect”

Sales Training 101

The art of a successful sales man is not mastered in a day, it is developed over time, requiring some trial and error. We are going to highlight some tools that every sales man should have.

1. Product Master
It is a demonstration of common sense when you know what you are selling as this makes you a product master as compared to being a good sales man nevertheless, the difference between a sale and a pass could be in knowing how different your product is from that of the competition.

2. Know Your Client
An in-depth understanding of the client is required for every good sales man. When you know his taste, you will be able to offer him products and services that suits his personality. Of what use is it selling someone a Rolls Royce when he can barely afford a Toyota Corolla?

3. Confidence Builder
The confidence of a sales man is critical to making the sale. Prospects want to see a sales man who is energetic and confident in what he offers. This gives the client an assurance that your product is what he should really go for.

4. No Fear Of “NO”
In some cases, clients say no to the deal. The best sales men are not discouraged by this; instead, they learn from it and seek for ways to formulate better a pitch.

5. Relationship Builder
A long term relationship should be the goal of a successful sales man. Every relationship has the potential of being turned into a long term one, look for these opportunities as for many industries; about 50% of the clients are made up of long term customers.

6. Sales Objective
It is necessary to let the team know what the sales objective is and the time frame of achievement. This will provide the best foundation of success for the team.

7. Go With The Flow
There are indicators that signal a change with respect to sales, the best sales men are able to recognize these when they occur and go with the flow. It is common with most industries; there is no need to fight the change.

8. Ask For The Order
Many sales men miss the final close in their sales presentation. Do not be afraid to ask your customer for a sale. It is worth it after the effort put into the presentation.

9. Emotional Sales
It is necessary to be able to appeal to the emotions of your potential client. It is not just enough to know how your product is better than that of the competition. Making leads desire a product than they actually need it is key to making the sale.

Sales reps can take advantage of these points and see their sales sky rocket to the next level.