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9 Fantastic Real Estate Social Media Marketing Statistics



Real Estate Industry And Social Media Networks

Social media has become an essential tool for businesses and entrepreneurs to compete and succeed in the marketplace. The real estate industry has demonstrated a surge in learning and applying social media resources at a relatively high level. When polled 55% of real estate agents said they were comfortable using social media networks and 26% somewhat comfortable. Only 10% were uncomfortable and 9% didn’t use social media at all.

Focused on Networks

Real estate agents demonstrate the ability to focus on specific networks that compliment their objectives. When asked which sites agents used for marketing and exposure the results reveal; 79% use Facebook, 48% Twitter, 29% LinkedIn, 15% WordPress, 12% YouTube, 5% blogger platforms, 4% Flickr and 2% Tumblr. The statistics are a great indicator of the industry heading in the right direction. However, to attract more clients greater emphasis needs to be placed on the use of video (e.g. YouTube). Research reveals 73% of homeowners prefer a real estate agent that incorporates YouTube in their marketing strategy.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are also an asset toward gaining visibility and generating traffic. The app Realtor.com is increasing notoriety in the real estate market and app-world in general. Users spend an average of 16 minutes on Realtor.com versus 4 minutes on other apps. Users are also viewing homes on Realtor.com at a rate of 20,000 per hour with 20% of the views occurring on the weekend. To-date the app has been downloaded 3.3 million times.

Research data also compares accounts used by the real estate industry versus other small businesses. The results reveal; Facebook accounts used: 79% real estate industry, 70% other small business. Twitter accounts used: 48% real estate industry, 68% other small business. YouTube accounts used: 12% real estate industry, 9% other small business. WordPress accounts: 15% real estate industry, 18% other small business. Flickr accounts: 4% real estate industry, 12% other small business. Email alerts for tweets and posts: 28% real estate industry, 11% other small business. The amount of Facebook and YouTube accounts held by the real estate industry is increasing but more emphasis needs to be placed on Twitter accounts as the platform gains greater use by consumers.

Adding Value

Social media has proven to be valuable for the real estate industry and sales agents. Online searches by home buyers is translating into increased activity with 45% performing a walk-through after viewing a home online. Twenty-nine percent (29%) located an agent via an internet search and 21% drove by a home after online viewing.

Real estate agents can increase visibility and sales by implementing technical resources in their marketing strategy. Real estate agents have also demonstrated the ability to learn and tailor emerging technologies to meet their objectives. This should serve as encouragement for agents that are not using social media networks and the internet in general.

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