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8 Types of Clients that Need to Be Fired


When To Cancel A Client

How to Determine When to Fire Your Client

Clients are very important for business to thrive, but there is a limit to which you can go in pleasing your client. At this point, the business can no longer continue striving to please a client. It is time to let the client go. This article highlights those signs that lets you know that it is time to let your client go.

1. The Abusive Client

When you communicate with your client either through email or a phone conversation and more often than not he makes use of profane and abusive languages, it is time to call it quit with that client. An abusive client makes the work place more toxic and under continuous pressure. Letting go of such client will relax the pressure in the work place, restoring its serenity.

2. The I.O.U Client

You should consider firing a client when you receive more IOUs than payments from them. Even though they promised payments in the future, energy is spent in follow-up. This could be spent on some other issues. It is recommended that you find clients that pay promptly, this will reduce your losses.

3. The Know-It-All Client

A client who does not respect your professional recommendation will cause more harm than good as there will always be friction between you and such client. It is recommended that you bid them farewell.

4. The All-Night Client

For clients who are unable to respect the limitations of a normal work hours, you need to let them go. Imagine a client calling you at about 2am in the morning when you ought to be resting and wanting to make some suggestions on an ongoing project. This could be awful. At this point, it is time to let such client go.

5. The Anti-Contract Client

When a client does not want to sign a contract, be cautious. It is not safe working without contract as some clients might turn into an I.O.U client. If a client continuously breaches the terms of service as stipulated in the contract of agreement, it is time to let the client go.

6. The Indecisive Client

Having an indecisive client could be a significant draw back. It is important to have a discussion with them getting to know exactly what they need, reconciling them with what you can offer. If this balance cannot be set, you should let the client go.

7. The Miserly Client

There is a difference between clients who are conscious of a budget and a client who wants to milk you of all your resources. Such clients always want to add one more thing that was not stated in the original contract. When they make such unreasonable request, insist that you desire to be paid else, it is time to let the client go.

8. The Insatiable Client

If after putting in all your effort to satisfy a client he is not being reasonable with you, it may be time to let him go. This could mean that your client is obsessed and picky with respect to his choices. If care is not taken in dealing with this clients, it will cost you more in the long run.