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5 Great Inside Sales Management Tips


Sales Success Strategies

A Proven Framework For Inside Sales Success

The dynamics involved in buying and selling has led to a rethink of the way sales organisations are developed and run. This involves the adoption of new practices and tools that can be used for the segmentation of the sales force and the automation of the sales process. This can be accomplished by setting up a power house in the sales team. This article dwells on how to achieve this.

Specialized Roles

Develop inside sales and field sales team that work hand in hand to guide the buyer through the different stages of purchase. This can be done through the following steps.

1. Ask the customer the relevant questions and make useful suggestions.
2. Maintain the flow of valuable information.
3. Ask questions that are more relevant and qualifying.
4. Confirm goals for success as open issues are addressed.
5. Assist the client in the purchasing process and internal resources should be scheduled.
6. The relationship should be sustained and monitored. Make sure you know the exact and appropriate time to introduce a new product based on the clients’ preference.

Productivity is Impacted by Data and Metrics

For inside sales teams, they make use of their sales data to have an understanding of who is more likely to make purchases from your company. With this they can track progress and activities, prioritize calls and optimize the overall performance of the system. If this is properly done, it leads to the following.

• Pipeline growth of up to 75%.
• Three times more sales cycle conversion rates.
• Two times more winning rates.

Embracing Social Selling

Within 5 years, about half of global CEO’s expect social channels to be the main channel for the engagement of customers. This is as a result of the ease of broadcasting. How do you gain the advantage of this?

• Learn about prospects through social sites.
• Active social media profiles should be maintained.
• For deeper sales intelligence, social media can be integrated with existing selling processes.
• The impact of social engagement on revenue should be analysed.

Sales Enablement and the Role of the Sales Playbook

A study revealed that 26% of the average sales week is wasted by poor sales enablement. This is the reason why a good sales playbook should include on boarding, coaching and training. The inside sales team should possess an intuitive CRM application that fosters team collaboration and automates lots of processes.

With a complete view of customers, at the right time of their purchasing cycle, the following can be enhanced.
• Productivity
• Responsiveness
• Accuracy
• Service

Real Time Access to Customized Information

High volume sales team can accelerate revenue and growth with the following;

• Prices
• Quotes
• Sales Orders

If it is made easier and faster for reps to track activities, reps will be more willing to enter information that allows them to compare themselves with the top performers in the industry.

Better Hiring Strategies

When hiring sales reps, look out for the following traits as this allows you get the best from the clients.

• The ability to ask questions based on insight.
• Flair for technology.
• An attitude driven by performance.

Make sure that each role’s career path is considered, work in partnership with recruiters and hire experienced management as this will increase the rates at which you achieve results.

Winning Compensation and Incentive Package

Bonus and commissions can be incorporated into the structure of the sales goals. Sales Reps should be motivated to produce results, however, they should not be over pressured. Here are some check list.

• Reps should be compensated on the things that they control.
• Commissions should be automated.
• The entire team should be motivated.

In summary, a sure way to achieve business growth is to develop an internal sales team. Take advantage of SAP cloud for sales and empower your team to make more sales faster, smarter and win more deals.

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