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4 Key Statistics from Commercial Property Websites


How to Locate Commercial Property

Important Key Findings For Online Commercial Properties

Are you looking to purchase a commercial property? Or are you thinking of leasing or subleasing a commercial property? Regardless of whether you’re searching to purchase, lease, or sublease a commercial property it is essential that you find a great investment property. The right commercial property will help you optimize your return on investment.

Creating Income

Keep in mind that a commercial property is referred to as an income property and typically includes but is not limited to buildings or land that will ultimately generate a profit.

Are you looking to purchase an office building for your company? Are you looking to purchase an industrial property? Are you looking to purchase a retail store? Are you looking to purchase a warehouse or garage? Whether you’re looking to purchase an office building, industrial property, retail store, a warehouse, or a garage you should know where and how who can search for available commercial properties in your desired neighborhood.

Start Searching

Since the internet is readily accessible to everyone, most people begin their search for commercial properties online on commercial property websites. It is therefore quite common for Americans to find commercial real estate information for both buying and leasing property on the web. The most popular browsers used include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari at a rate of 42%, 24%, 18%, and 14% respectively. About 70% of people access these popular browsers using Windows as their operating system while an insignificant 2% of people use an Android operating system.

Consider the User

Some of the most noteworthy commercial real estate information available to potential buyers online is influenced by user behavior. Which pages generate the most views on commercial property websites? Although users and prospective buyers tend to spend most of their time on sticky pages, popular commercial real estate websites get the most page views.

A user’s time is mostly spent on the leasing page, tenant list, and viewing pictures in the photo gallery. However, the most views are allocated to the following sections of a commercial real estate property website including property information, location, and the photo gallery. People who view pictures in the photo gallery portion of a commercial property website spend an average of approximately 3.9 seconds on each image.

The Leasing Page

What is the most important factor on a commercial real estate property website? Based on statistical data, viewers value and place a lot of emphasis on the leasing page. Leasing pages that have a PDF file with the property’s floor plans have an average of 26% viewers that exit their page. On the contrary, an average of about 38% of viewers and potential buyers exit a page that does not a PDF version of their floor plans. This exemplifies that 12% less people exit on a leasing page with PDF floor plans therefore displaying the overall significance of being able to view pictures of commercial properties online.