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20 Easy Curb Appeal Ideas


Measuring Curb Appeal of a Home

20 Ways To Add Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is very important for your home to have especially if you are thinking of or trying to sell your property. Curb appeal also shows people that you care about your home, it is where you live, raise your family, and make memories so why not have it look the best that it can. Here are twenty steps to adding curb appeal to your home.

1. Perfect symmetry adds a lot to the look of your home. It appeases the eyes and is an easy thing to accomplish. Added light by your front door that is the exact same can add symmetry to the look of your home.

2. When it comes to the hardware on the outside of your home, out with old and in with the new. Believe it or not new hardware can make a huge difference in the overall look of your home.

3. Make that front door pop. This can be accomplished with a bright or bold color. Or maybe add a front door that is custom wood or has a beautiful glass window. Either way doors are a focal point so beautify it.

4. Compliment your home with your mailbox. This is a great way to show your own personality either with a neat or funny mailbox or something that pulls your decorations all together.

5. Outdoor lighting is another great way to up that curb appeal. Lighting in your landscaping is not also a great way to add beauty but is considered a way of protection and safety.

6. Add an instant garden to the front of your house. Flower boxes and raised flower beds are an easy inexpensive way to add that extra to the curb appeal of your home.

7. Spruce up those flower beds. Keep the weeds pulled or add fresh mulch can really make a difference and show others you care about the overall look of your home.

8. Window boxes are another great idea. Beautiful flowers popping up out of cute boxes on your house can catch a person’s eyes. They can also add color and give you more decorating options when it comes to decorating for holidays.

9. Add molding to the tops and sides of the doorway or around windows. They not only catch the eye but add a little architecture to the outside of your home.

10. Shutters and trim are functional and adds to the prettiness. Shutters can help control ventilation and light and also add a bit more security to your home.

11. Adding fence gates, arbors, or fencing panels can not only add beauty but can add value to your home.

12. New planting beds are another great way to add curb appeal. Try spots like along walkways, in front corners of your yard, or right in front of house.

13. Check those downspouts and gutters. Most need painted or has rust spots. This can show a sign of neglect so repainting or replacing can really freshen things up.

14. Add a walkway, this warms the look of your home and adds an inviting look to your place.

15. Re do those railings for an upgraded look to your home. Add metal or wood accents to the existing to give the overall look a completely different feel.

16. Faded or chipping paint, siding, or trim can really give your home a drab look. Freshen up that paint or redo the trim or siding whatever needs done. It is well worth the cost this upgrade will add to the overall look and feel to your home.

17. Adding some stone or stone veneer to things like around doorways or columns can really dress up your home and give it that expensive look.

18. Adding outdoor art can really add to your home. Find art that is weather resistant and add it to your landscape to up your curb appeal.