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17 Mobile and Search Statistics on Renters


Future Generation of Renters

The Next Generation Of Renters

Change is the only constant thing in the world. As long as humans continue to inhabit the planet, we will continue to experience different forms of change. New innovations and habits seem to be the norm in the real estate world. Renters and homebuyers are constantly changing the way they search for homes in the real estate marketplace. From social media interaction to on-the-go services, the next generation of renters is continually seeking out innovative ways to get the best quality for their dollars.

Online vs. Traditional Searching

Home.com and ForRent.com carried out an online survey in 2012 to gain an insight into the ever-changing world of the next generation of renters. The findings from this online survey were quite revealing. This survey discovered that a lot of people still make use of apartment listing magazines when they are in the market in search for an apartment to rent. 25% of Home.com and ForRent.com interviewees reveal that they still search newspapers and magazines for vacant apartment houses.

Although many renters still do their apartment search on newspapers and magazines, the vast majority of renters out there conduct their apartment search on real estate websites. 91% of the renters surveyed revealed that they solely focus all their attention on real estate websites when they are looking for apartment to rent.

Influence of Review Sites

Peer review and review sites plays a key role in the apartment search of many renters. Among the 2012 Home.com and ForRent.com survey interviewees, 48% claimed to use word of mouth as a search tool, 41% made use of review sites, 65% said that online reviews and ratings were very useful in their apartment search, and 75% based their rental decision on ratings and reviews.

Using Multimedia in Marketing

Online video has now been integrated into the apartment search process of the next generation of renters. In fact, 90% of the respondents to the 2012 Home.com and ForRent.com poll claimed that they watch online video as part of their apartment search. 81% of the respondents prefer YouTube videos, 80% choose to watch videos on Facebook, and 69% has a preference for Google+ videos.

Using Social Networks

The next generations of renters are social butterflies; they are active on the various social media networks. When the respondents to the 2012 Home.com and ForRent.com poll were asked what they prefer to receive from brands that they follow on the different social media, 61% preferred giveaways, 69% wanted coupons, and 78% reported discounts.

In Demand Amenities

When renters were asked what they amenities they would like to see in their communities in the nearest future, 54% went for recycling centers, 52% preferred poolside kitchen, and 38% wanted theater rooms.

Desired Home Features

When the question of what apartment features renters would want in their home, technological gadgets seem to be the preferred choice of many renters. Of all the people interviewed during this poll, 81% wanted wireless internet service, 57% has a preference for hardwood floors, 39% preferred flat screen TV, 39% went for built-in bookcase, 42% would like jetted bath tub, 18% wished for recycle concrete countertops, and 29% chose trash compactors.

Service of the Future

For the kind of future service they would like to see in their communities, 73% of the interviewees would prefer to pay their rent online, 43% would want a community-sponsored group exercise, and 41% would desire to see more entertainment and socializing opportunities.