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14 New Search Behavior Statistics on Home Buyers


Searching Online for a Home

Search Online For The Perfect Home

Searching the world wide web to find that perfect home to buy has become really popular. Ninety percent of people today use the internet to search for their home. There are many ways to search the internet to find a home. You can use search engines or general websites. You can also use digital maps found online, or applications on your mobile device.

In the past four years there have been a two hundred and fifty three percent jump in real estate online searches. The average person will search eleven different searches before trying to purchase a home.

Top States for Searches

The top five states that have the highest number of online search inquires of real estate are number one, Delaware, number two, Louisiana, number three, Mississippi, number four South Dakota, and number five, Wyoming. The top five states where people search to buy vacation homes are number one, Florida, number two, Ohio, number three, Oregon, number four, South Carolina, and number five, South Dakota.

Home Searching Trends

Most people will search online through all different websites of real estate agents but forty percent would wait one hundred and twenty days on average before they actually made contact with an agent or broker. However, twenty four percent of people would make contact with an agent or broker the same day of find the property they were interested in online.

Mobile Influence

Mobile devices play a key role in internet real estate searching today. Twenty percent of all online searches are made from a mobile device. Thirty six percent of those people would search on their mobile device while sitting at home and watching television. Forty eight percent of those people used their mobile device to get the directions to the home or property they are going to look at. Forty five percent of these people use their mobile device to request more information about the property they are interested in. Sixteen percent of those people use their mobile device to watch a video about the property they are interested in.

There are many locations mobile devices are used at to search for a property to buy. Seventy seven percent of people use their mobile device at home to do their real estate searching. Thirty one percent of people are at work while searching the internet for a home or property. Twenty eight percent do their online searching while waiting in a line. Twenty seven percent do their real estate internet searching while sitting in a restaurant. Twenty six percent of people are at someone else’s house while searching real estate online on their mobile device.

Top Websites to Search Homes

The top websites being used to search for real estate are realtor.com with twenty million people using this site to search online for properties a month. Homes.com came in with eleven million visitors in a month.

The most popular ways people search for properties are by number of bedrooms, ventilation, garages, heating, air conditioning, number of bathrooms, square footage, and swimming pools. YouTube’s top searches phrase for real estate is ‘buying a home’ that comes in with 118,000 searches in a fiscal quarter. The other phrase is real estate agent that came in with 88,400 searches.

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