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12 Fantastic Real Estate Agent Marketing Ideas


Guide to Creating a Real Estate Marketing Plan

An Effective Real Estate Marketing Plan

Are you a real estate agent? If so, then you already have a marketing plan. If you don’t happen to have a marketing plan or have a marketing plan that is not generating the type of results you’ve been looking for stay tune as we will teach you how to create a real estate marketing plan.

Create a Budget

Begin by creating a budget. Find an amount your comfortable spending a month and allocate this money into your marketing scheme. When determining what your actual budget will be keep in mind that the type of marketing you will use is directly correlated to the amount of money you choose to spend.

It is essential that you not only create a financial budget but you also create a time budget. Since marketing takes time and effort make sure you’re able to schedule time to market effectively.

Since there are numerous ways you could market as a real estate agent, be sure you understand all the potential avenues you could delve into. Let’s take a look at some of the available marketing strategies utilized by a majority of the most successful real estate agents. Pay very close attention and take notes!

Check Out Your Local Area

Farming an area entails that you drive around local neighbors in your target area as you search for homes that show signs of hardship. Create bandit signs and post them in busy intersections. The more people that actually see your sign the better it is for your business.

Post Flyers
Flyers have always served as a great marketing tool. These business size cards often have the same overall message as a bandit sign but come in bulk so you’re able to place them on the windshield of cars and pass them out at local boutiques, restaurants, and other small shops in the target region.

Use Door Handle Signs
Door handle signs are great because you can place them on people’s doors. Post cards are also a great marketing scheme which allows you to display your message in a way that doesn’t involve the recipient opening an envelope. Hand written letters take quite some time to do but tend to generate much more conversation. Hand written letters are very personable and show recipients the amount of time you spent on it.

Gain Referrals
Referrals are an exceptional marketing tool that is the least expensive of all the marketing strategies. Although referrals are inexpensive, they are highly effective. Referrals include contractors, mortgage brokers, realtors, title agents, and well as other real estate agents.

Network with Social Media
Social media is an electronic way of networking which is very effective in today’s real estate market. Remember that all of the material you post on social media websites should help promote yourself as a real estate agent. You could include information and photos of new listings as well as upcoming open houses.