Home Buying Process 10 Ways Homebuyers are Using the Web to Find a Home

10 Ways Homebuyers are Using the Web to Find a Home


How Homebuyers Use the Internet

Looking Deep Into How The Internet Is Used In Home Buying

More and more home buyers are using the internet to help with their home buying process. Most buyers say their experiences online with certain ads influenced their decision on buying or not. If the ad caught their eye and showed great detail of the property they wanted to take more action from the ad alone. Over the past four years there has been a two hundred and fifty three percent of real estate searches on Google alone. As a matter of fact nine out of ten buyers used the internet to search for properties to buy. Fifty two percent of buyers chose to search online before looking anywhere else. The real estate industry is starting to target their online ads and how they are found because of ninety percent of buyers use the internet in their process today. The internet is quickly becoming the most important and utilized tool for real estate agents, brokers, and home or property buyers and leasers.

The Matter of Keywords

Out of ten home buying shoppers seven of them took action on a website with a real estate brand by using a key word in a search engine first. Search engines seem to really becoming how people are starting their searches for what they are looking for. It is so easy all you do is go to a search engine type in a few key words and up pops a while list of properties that have what they are looking for.

The Use of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are also used frequently with all the different functions mobile devices have today and all the different choices of applications you can download. Three out of ten people used their mobile device to call a broker about a property and two out of ten used their mobile device to find the location of the property they are interested in. A little over one fifth of home buyers used their mobile device to research reviews or watch videos posted of properties.

Using tablets in the home buying process is also becoming more and more popular today. Real estate related searches that happened on tablets have grown three hundred percent year after year. Home builder searches from tablets have grown three hundred and sixty two percent.

Searching Timeframe

Most buyers search for properties or homes online for about three weeks before making any kind of contact with brokers. During the online searching process about eight out of ten home buyers looked at at least three different sights before taking any kind of action. Out of the home buyers that took some kind of action from online searches thirty one percent were in between the ages of twenty five and thirty four. That is the biggest group of buyers using internet in the year 2011.

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