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10 Great Customer Service Tips and Techniques


Ways to Engage Customers

10 Ways To Find True Love With Customers

1. Customers want to be treated right. They do not want to be responded to in an indifferent manner. They want affection. When customers are treated right, they tend to tell about 4 to 6 people about their positive experiences.

2. Customers do not want to be approached in a strong manner. They want some respect to be shown to their personal territory as most of them will share more when they are much more comfortable. A survey revealed that about a third of customers receive poor customer service and about half of them let their friends know about it.

3. Customers want to be listened to. They want companies to be able to recall all important details that were shared. This is important as 60% of customers will pay more for quality customer service.

4. Customers want to be treated the same way they were approached the first time even after the deal has been sealed. They do not like to be taken for granted, this is critical as this is the primary reason customers are dissatisfied with customer service.

5. Customers want to be treated with a sense of value, they want to air their opinion as this gives them a sense of belonging. Even on social media platforms, 35% of customers want a response after liking a business.

6. Customers want their trust to be built. They want to be informed on any change that might impact their businesses.

7. When it comes to making a mistake, customers like companies to own up as this implies that companies have the interest of the clients at heart, not just their ego.

8. Customers expect companies to keep their words, they should make deliveries when they said they will. If it takes up to 2 calls to resolve an issue, about 12% of customers leave it that way.

9. In the event of any outcome, customers expect companies to recognize their responsibility. As for companies that provides a bad customer service, 39% of companies end their dealings with them.

10. Customers want to hear a warm thank you after the deal. Gratitude improves the quality of the relationship and makes them keep asking for more. It was also discovered that as result of positive experience, 3 out of every 4 clients have spent more with a company.

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