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10 Best Home Renovations that Increase Resale Value


Maximize Value with Renovation

Renovations That Helps The Most With Your Resale

When selling your house you need to remember that you look at your property differently then potential buyers will. There are certain renovations you can do to make it more appealing to buyers. Some renovations are for energy efficiency, and others are for different budgets ranging from small to big.

We will start with the low budget remodel aspects like new fixtures. New and more modern fixtures are an easy upgrade that will have more appeal then one thinks. Upgrading things like hardware, faucets, towel racks, etc..If you upgrade with low flow it can help with the efficiency of energy.

Repainting Rooms
Repainting rooms can also help. This can also be one of the simplest. Repainting can transform a space and really appeal to potential buyers and is a low budget upgrade.

Adding Storage Space
Adding storage space to your home is a medium budget upgrade that can add a lot of appeal also. Things like adding closets, pantries, shelves in garage or basement, and adding benches that can also be used as storage.

Hardwood Floors
Another medium budget upgrade is hard wood floors added to home. Believe it or not home buyers can fall in love with just flooring like hardwood and make it that more appealing to them. Using materials like bamboo and cork are affordable and sustainable in the homes. It’s also good for the environment.

Outdoor Areas
You may also want to consider outdoor areas. Redoing porches or adding decking can really up the appeal to buyers. It can also fit in medium budgets. Outdoor living space also adds more value to your home. It is definitely a win win situation.

The Big Upgrades

Now it is time to think about the bigger upgrades. Let us start in the bathroom. Adding large bathtubs or showers, new sinks, and toilets are a good way to upgrade a bathroom. This job could cost about $30,000 and add $22,500 to your resale factor which is a 75% return.

Curb appeal is very important. If your property does not catch people eyes then how will it catch potential buyers? New siding which could cost $9,500 and add $8,265 to resale value that gives you a 87% return rate. Also new roofing that will cost about $14,000 and give you $10,360 resale value with a 74% return rate. Also new front door can add as well.

New windows are also a great thing to upgrade. It will make your value go up and buyers energy bills go down which is a huge selling point. If you go with new vinyl windows it could cost $10,000 adding $8,400 to resale value which is a 84% return rate. If you go with wood windows it could cost $11,000 adding $9,350 to resale value with a 85% return rate.

Re purposing areas of the home like basements, or adding second story additions is another upgrade to consider. A basement remodel could cost about $55,000 add $43,450 to resale giving you a return rate of 79%. Adding to the second story could cost $110,000 adding $91,300 to resale value giving you a rate of return at 83%.

The last upgrade to consider is in the kitchen. Many say it could be the best way to boost your home’s value. New counters, appliances, and cabinets can really make a difference. More affordable upgrades could be back splashes, lighting, paint, and hardware. a major kitchen remodel could cost U,000 adding $45,650 to your resale value giving you a 83% rate of return. A Minor remodel could cost about $18,000 adding $15,480 to your resale value and giving you a 86% rate of return.