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How Important Are Customer Reviews

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How Important Is A Customer Review?

This article dwells on how consumer behaviour is influenced by customers review. You can take advantage of this and encourage more clients to leave a review.

Faith In Strangers

Of all customers, 99% of them believes in the recommendation of friends and family, 89% believes in the reviews made by people not known to them while those influenced by a positive review forms 87%. As compared to the manufacturer’s description, more than 12 times of customers prefer to base their decision on customer’s review.

Bringing Reviews To The Masses

Here is a breakdown of how consumers seek advice with respect to goods they are about to purchase.

• 69% performs a product research online.
• 64%rely on customer reviews.
• 50% Search for a product on a product rating website.
• 43% go for the opinion of experts.
• 42% read articles for products.
• 12% take advantage of the opinion of friends through social media.

The Influence of Customer Review On Spending

• For customers who rely on customer review, 105% of them are more likely to make a purchase and they also spend up to 11% more.
• When product ratings are high, it increases the likely hood of clients making purchases online.
• For travelers, 45% of them make use of reviews to plan their trips, same applies to 54% of business travelers.
• For holiday shoppers, 83% of them are influenced by customer reviews.
• For millennials, more than half of them trust the opinion of strangers as 84% of them claim that their decision is seldom influenced by customer reviews. It was also discovered that millennials spend up to $400 billion each year.

You Need Reviews

The following are pointers to the fact that companies needs reviews.

• Based on customer reviews, sales have increased by 18%.
• There is a boost of up to 11% on Conversion uplift as a result of reviews.
• As a result of reviews, 5% of visitors return.
• For products with up to 50% positive reviews, they are more likely to convert.
• With respect to SEO benefits, customer reviews provides a constantly updated company profile. This is vital to SEO.

How to Encourage Reviews

Here are some tips on how to encourage your clients to leave a review.

• Making it easy to leave a review is beneficial; creating a profile should not be a prerequisite for leaving a review.
• Do it objectively, your emotions should not be involved in this.
• You can request for a review from a few customers. For negative reviews, efforts should be made to contact the reviewer in a bid to turn it in to a positive experience.
• Send a mail thanking your clients for a positive review. You can also ask them to share their thoughts once they have made use of your products in a few days.

Take advantage of these points and see your sales soar more than expected.


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