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5 Sales and Marketing Strategies from Moneyball

Sales and Marketing Strategies

Five Money Ball Strategies For Sales And Marketing Collateral

1. Batting Order
The Line-up: Each stage of the buying cycle is addressed by the collateral. Collateral must be delivered in a manner in which the needs of the buyer is addressed. This is known to the money ball managers.

2. Getting On Base
In the field of play, it requires skills to hit the ball at the right spot. When the right collateral is use based on a perfect timing, you can get prospects to do your biding.

3. Challenge The Super Star
Never allow the competition defeat you in the game. There must be collateral sufficient to deal with the competition. Be familiar with your strengths as well as their areas of weaknesses.

4. The Specialists
The time to close out the game has come. There will be no more curve balls or sinkers as the best proposal is delivered to the prospect by the money ball closer. This is achieved by relying on data that is already stored. This should be done as fast as possible.

5. The Relief Pitcher
Managers must listen to the feedback from players as well as fans. When collateral gets burnt out, it is time for a change.


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